Založil MySpace a stal sa multimilionárom. Dnes cestuje po svete a robí skvelé fotky

Možno ste ešte aj vy „fičali“ na sociálnej sieti Myspace, ktorá je predchodcom dnešného Facebooku. Na sieti si môže užívateľ s vekom minimálne 14 rokov vytvoriť vlastný profil, chatovať a diskutovať v rôznych fórach. Na vrchole svojej popularity v roku 2008 mal Myspace viac ako 70 miliónov užívateľov, ktorí mali spoločnú jednu vec – ich prvým predvoleným priateľom bol „Tom Anderson“, jeden zo zakladateľov.

Anderson sieť spoluzakladal v roku 2003, vtedy mal ešte len 32 rokov. O dva roky neskôr bol Myspace a jeho materská firma Intermix kúpená spoločnosťou News Corp. za 580 miliónov dolárov.  Anderson sa rozhodol odísť z pracovného sveta a naplno si užívať dôchodok skôr, ako dosiahol 40 rokov. Naplno sa ponoril do architektúry a našiel vášeň pre fotografovanie. Dnes cestuje po celom svete, fotí a tie najlepšie zábery zverejňuje na svojom Instagrame “@myspacetom”.

Tu je niekoľko z nich

Beautiful spot on Kauai – when the ocean is calmer people swim in the natural baths that form here.

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A few days ago I went up in the Magnum P.I. themed Helicopter @paradisehelicopters here on Oahu. ?I love me some Magnum, love me some Oahu, and love shooting from a doors-off Helicopter. Triple Crown right there! I shoulda worn my ?Star Wars Vans if I was thinking about what kind of shot I’d take, but it was all last minute, so here you just get my regular old shoes. The helicopter pilot is an interesting dude. Follow him: @carsonklein1 — later in the day I jumped out of a plane with him! I’ll felt safe since he does BASE jumping, Speedwings, Squirrel suits, etc. I had a @gopro ? on me the whole time and will post some vids from that soon! So I bet you’re all wanting to know who won the Maui contest… ? Well, HERE YA GO: the winner, randomly selected just minutes ago, is a Mr. DALTON LEMERT: @owninobrien ; I have not reached out to him yet, it looks like he lives in an RV, ? so maybe he’s on the road? Haha. His last post says he’s been to 45 states and Hawaii is not one of them: let’s congratulate him (and the friend he chooses to come with!) and ring up the 46th state for Dalton! Congrats Dalton!??? So you didn’t win, ay? No worry brah! I’m going to keep doing these contests! They make me happy. ? So far I’ve given away one trip to Oahu, and now Maui, next up: the island of Kauai. ?⛰I will post the new contest video in a few days!

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Another amazing place in Iceland ?? !! I camped ⛺️up here one night back in the summer of 2015. Yes you can camp in Iceland in the summer, it’s really not that cold! ☃️The amazing thing is not the warm temperature (did you know NYC is often colder than Iceland?), but that me and my friend were the only ones up there! ? There’s so many stunning landscapes in Iceland that there’s room to go around :) Haha. If you’re looking for a little solitude, all it takes is going just slightly off the beaten path. It’s incredible to think places like this even exist, let alone that there’s no one there looking at them but you and the sheep! On my last trip, we drove just a few miles away from Seljalandsfoss (a waterfall that can be packed with tourists) and we discovered the most incredible canyon. We spent hours in it, and before going there I’d never seen a single photograph from it… It was basically like being in a mini version of Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge and not one person was there but us! I’ll post a shot from that tomorrow :)

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